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Getting Grateful for the Hold-dates

Getting Grateful for the Holi-dates

It’s that time of year when Hallmark starts their Countdown to Christmas, holiday shopping is in full swing and events are happening all around you

Dos donts of cuffing season

Do's & Don'ts of Cuffing Season

Cuffing season has officially begun, and you know what that means…

Let the pairing begin!

10 characteristics of highly successful daters

10 characteristics of highly successful daters

As first date experts, we are often asked “what can I do to become a more successful dater?” While there isn’t a foolproof list or formula, here ar

Single Parents... This Ones For You

Single Parents... This Ones For You

Singles come from every walk of life. Some are recently divorced and some have lost a spouse.

Hot Vax Summer

Hot Vax Summer

The promise of a mask-less summer and in-person dating has brought a rise in sales to teeth whitening and beauty products everywhere!

Dating in the 90s and Now

“Unbelievable” comes on the radio as you scramble to grab your cassette tape to record the chart-topper.

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